UAV – Drone Mapping & Aerial Imagery

Imagery (Video & Photographs) | Our 4K quality video and 20 megapixel photos at heights of up to 400 feet can help document your next project for construction activities, sell of assets, inspections and usage.

Photogrammetry | Mapping generated using photogrammetry provides a cost-effective method of establishing an accurate digital base for urban planning, landslides monitoring, terrain analysis, agricultural production and forest management. Photogrammetry can be used for landfill or pit monitoring, or determining proposed locations for utilities, such as pipelines and transmission lines.

3D Modeling | 3D models are a great way to visualize your area of interest.  Once flight has occurred, 3D modeling can be used to extract contour maps, survey-grade orthomosaics, site plans or an accurate 3D model imported into your preferred modeling software to use as a base for concept models, renderings, 3D printing and countless other applications.

Infrared Observation | Infrared Inspection is a proven, non-destructive technology for early detection of impending failures of masonry, structural steel, concrete, electrical and mechanical systems. Proactive infrared inspection has the potential to reduce risk, increase operational safety and bolster production efficiency.

Inspection | On-going or existing projects can benefit from our ability to observe conditions in a safe and cost effective approach.  Imagery can be documented on bridges, roofs, structural steel, masonry, etc.