Exploration Drilling

Essential Data | Sample extraction from site subsurfaces is fundamental to document, classify and analyze rock mass and soil conditions in terms of their suitability for various geotechnical projects.

Efficiency | Owning our drill rig decreases project schedule time. We are not limited by a third party drilling company’s schedule.

Power | Our drill rig is specifically designed for quick and easy exploration of both rock and soil and is outfitted with two different motors allowing for high torque at low speeds (soil boring), and high speeds at low torque (rock coring).  Sampling through soils and into rock is a requirement in order to meet the International Building Code (IBC) 2012 requirements, IBC 1803.5.6 Rock Strata.

Accuracy | Our rig has a hydraulic driven Automatic Hammer allowing for consistent SPT resistant readings, N-Value, over the old wheel and pulley cathead method. Our rigs SPT Auto Hammer includes a 140 pound mass dropping 30 inches in fall. These specifications meet ASTM D1586, Standard Test Method for Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

Size | Our rig has a reduced size, height and smaller foot print which allows operations in challenging locations. We are not limited by low ceilings or factories with petroleum engine restrictions. Our rig is light enough to be flown into inaccessible locations by helicopter. Even though our rig stands less than 15 feet tall, it provides the drilling torque needed to auger through the fattest of clays or densest of Kentucky rock and  concrete.