Construction Services

Construction Management  (CM & CEI)

Our Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) personnel, inspectors, construction engineers and project managers, have the experience to assure our clients that their projects are built in accordance with their plans and specifications.  Our personnel have assisted small projects owners as well as with large, industrial, DOT and other government agency project teams.

We provide overall management of your project from  timelines, material cost, delivery and project budget. We can manage such details as track installation quantities, review/approve contractor payment applications, provide construction engineering recommendations and review/approve change orders.

IBC Special Inspections

Constructability Review of Plans 

Construction Administration Services

Construction Quality Assurance 

Construction Quantities Verification 

Daily Written Progress Record of  Construction

Existing Structure Evaluations

Demolition Observations

Exploration Drilling

Field Surveys

Construction Layout 

Materials Testing Services Management 

Monitoring, Reporting, Resolution of  Construction Issues 

Progress Payment Review 

Sediment/Erosion Control  and Stormwater  Compliance 

Site Visits

24/7 Observation Services 

Non-Destructive Engineering

  • Drone Observations
  • Infrared Inspections
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Project Communication

iReport360 is an online reporting system that allows all team members to obtain project documents, inspection and testing reports.  As our team members complete reports in the field, laboratory and office, those reports are instantly posted for project members to observe and continue their work.  Deviations send an immediate email notifying the issue. is an online construction management tool that allows you to track our efforts.  Teamwork helps schedule our staff and meet deadlines.