Civil Design & Engineering

Land being constructed with bulldozer.

Thoroughbred Engineering has been providing civil engineering and surveying services for over 30 years. Our Professional Engineers are licensed in four (4) states including Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio and are experienced in performing Site Development, Land Surveying, Permitting, Planning and Zoning, Water Resources Engineering and Transportation Engineering.




Aerial photo of a field

Land surveying is vital for any engineering project. Design and development depend on the accuracy of the topography and boundaries. Our survey crews provide surveying for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and public works related projects and are equipped with the latest surveying equipment, including GPS/GNSS, which enable them to perform a variety of land surveys.


Geotechnical Engineering

Blueprint of a church.

Geotechnical services are provided in support of our internal civil engineering projects and external consulting services. Thoroughbred’s Geotechnical Group provides a broad range of Geotechnical engineering services to public and private sector clients.


Construction Services


Aerial view of construction of church building.

We recognize construction projects often require expedited scheduling and overlaps between design and construction phases. Our people bring extensive experience, certifications and a proven track record in the construction management process to bring projects to a timely conclusion. Our clients also depend on us to provide detailed observation, careful documentation and accurate and timely evaluation of progress during construction.


IBC Special Inspection Services

Construction worker doing an inspection.

Thoroughbred’s IBC Special Inspection Group members hold Professional Engineering licenses, International Code Council Certifications and other registrations that provide you with assurance on the most technical structural projects.


UAV –  Drone Mapping & Aerial Imaging

Aerial view of land under construction.

Our staff of Licensed Professional Surveyors and FAA Remote Pilots In Command provide assurance that our unmanned aerial imagery meets State and Code requirements. By combining our aerial surveying and GPR survey grade equipment we provide state of the art surface and subsurface modeling for design. Imagine seeing your site from the surface to depths never observed before.


Exploration Drilling

Thoroughbred provides a broad range of in-house exploration services including geotechnical drilling in soil and rock with sampling to soundings, and backhoe and trackhoe excavations.


Environmental Engineering

Aerial view of beginning of building construction.

Thoroughbred Engineering Geotechnical Engineering and and Construction Services Groups provide provide a range of environmental project management services, property assessments, soil and ground water sampling and storm water management for industrial, municipal, commercial and residential clients.


GPR & Subsurface

Thoroughbred’s Geotechnical and Surveying Groups are proud to announce the addition of the Ground Penetrating Radar and Subsurface Imagery service line. Our 3D subsurface equipment gives the ability to observe changes in subsurface materials through sound waves reflection.  The changing material is then verified through our subsurface drilling services. Thoroughbred’s GPR services provide you with the ability to see subsurface anomalies which can reduce your risk for future failures.