IBC Special Inspection Services   According to ASFE, construction rework and the use of inferior building materials that cause failures can cost the owner over 15 times more than the original investment to rehabilitate and correct the structure.  Special Inspections were established to reduce the occurrence of these events from happening. The International Building Code (IBC) established Special Inspection protocol and requires Structural Tests and Special Inspections for materials, installation, fabrication, erection and/or placement of components and connections. These special inspection processes require specific expertise to determine compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards. Thoroughbred’s Professional Engineers and Certified Special Inspectors have provided SI services since Kentucky’s adoption in 2002.  Additionally, Thoroughbred’s professionals have been asked by our peers to provide International Building Code Special Inspection presentations and continuing education classes thorough the United States. With over 12 years of experience in providing IBC Special Inspection Services, Construction Material Engineering and Testing, Geotechnical Engineering, and Nondestructive Testing services, Thoroughbred is the leader. As an established and independent firm, recognized through national accreditation and validation as an agency regularly engaged in conducting tests and inspections, Thoroughbred is acknowledged as an approved agency to provide Special Inspections under IBC and KBC criteria. Thoroughbred provides the following Special Inspection services:

Thoroughbred provides IBC and KBC Special Inspection services throughout Kentucky including the Lexington, Louisville, Ashland, Bowling Green, Pikeville and Northern Kentucky areas.  Contact a Thoroughbred Professional today on how we can help you.

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