Thoroughbred’s Civil Design and Surveying Group is proud to announce the addition of unmanned (drone) aerial photogrammetric Surveying and Imagery to our service line.

Our staff of Licensed Professional Surveyors and FAA Remote Pilots In Command provide you with confidence our unmanned aerial imagery meets State and Code requirements of your next project. We can provide imagery in the form of Video and Photography along with Photogrammetry Surveying efforts to generate highly accurate topographic mapping and 3D Modeling.

3D Modeling | 3D models are a great way to visualize your area of interest. Once flight has occurred, 3D modeling can then be used to extract contour maps, survey-grade orthomosaics, site plans or an accurate 3D model imported into your preferred modeling software that you can use as a base for your concept models, renderings, 3D printing and countless other applications.