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At Thoroughbred Engineering we are consistently striving to pursue our goals of continued excellence. Excellence is at the core of every project we do. We believe that if you have knowledge, proper planning and execution, communication and transparency on the project and within the company that excellence will follow.


Knowledge has no substitute. Our goal is to obtain and retain the most knowledgeable experts in their field to meet the needs of our clients. We also promise to always be evolving our business services of our field to further meet those needs of our clients.


Transparency breeds trust from our clients and in our company. We hope you value our openness as it creates unlimited possibilities for the project's success.


Planning provides the driving force in properly understanding our work and achieving the goals set forth by our plan. For successful ventures, a plan with defined roles, scopes, baselines gives a path for clear executions along the way.


Communication is the primary key to success. Communication is needed for clearly understanding the roles, goals and activities that need to be completed amongst the client and team members.